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nordic santa fit

Just because it’s the time of year for some festive binging before the guilt pangs of January set in, doesn’t mean that we have to devote ourselves completely to the sofa and Christmas selection box. There is another way and it’s not the one signposted fridge!

If you are feeling the pinch both financially and physically, just open the door and step outside for some energising, stress-reducing exercise. Just a short spell of physical activity will help kick-start your metabolism and do battle with the mince pies.  And, what better excuse if you are feeling the need for some downtime away from the television and potential family meltdowns?

Before the festive mayhem takes hold, why not plan in advance your schedule? Perhaps take yourself out before other commitments take over, or determine to go for a walk after each evening meal? Research has shown that exercising after a meal minimises blood sugar spikes and dips, and reduces the likelihood of further snacking later on.

Go on, don’t be a pudding!