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nordic mosquito

If, like me, you find yourself irresistible in the world of mosquitos, you may be willing to go to great lengths to avoid your annual summer pin cushion look.

Short of sitting on a windy iceberg for the summer months, there are a few measures we can undertake. Mosquitos and midges can sense you from a considerable distance, so unless you are Usain Bolt, there’s no point in investing in some ‘mossi’ running shoes. On a more practical level, you could lather yourself in ‘eau de mosquito’ or move to Antarctica or Iceland. My preference is option one combined with maintaining my milky white complexion with long sleeves and long trousers. I have also discovered that my drug of choice during the summer months is vitamin B1; it reputedly produces a skin odour that female mosquitoes find offensive. I have yet to walk around adorned with marigolds, but if in need…

It’s time to ditch the mosquitoe pin-up career!