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nordic sneeze

Autumn is the time of year when we really need to focus on strengthening our immune system for the onset of winter infections.

We can approach this from a number of angles:
1. We can send all our sneezing friends and relatives to Coventry.
2. We can treat our gut to a plethora of immune boosting foods, from oysters to yoghurts.
3. We can reduce our stress levels; whether this involves disinheriting the children and travelling around the world or simply blowing up a balloon in the office (this was a serious tip…), every little bit of inner peace helps!

4. We can ignore the lure of the sofa, grab our poles and go Nordic walking!
This is obviously a loaded suggestion on my part but there is some science to this little bit of marketing blurb. Various studies have shown that moderate exercise has a beneficial  effect on the incidence of infections. Plus, the physical activity will help to decrease the stress levels (no need to disinherit the children after all) and by being outdoors, you are boosting your vitamin d levels (key to a healthy immune system). So, the conclusion of this very in-depth analysis is that Nordic walking is an excellent means of boosting your immune system!