Why Nordic Walk?

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Nordic walking is the ultimate, complete body workout that can be enjoyed by anyone of any fitness level. 

Nordic Walking offers the following benefits:

  • You can burn up to 46% more calories than you would when walking ordinarily.
  • You can burn almost the same amount of calories as you would when running but with significantly less impact on your joints - plus you can hold a conversation at the same time
  • You use over 90% of your skeletal muscles - which is significantly higher than the percentage used when running or swimming.
  • Your posture and gait will improve.
  • Your aerobic fitness will increase.
  • Your upper body will become more toned and your back and abdominal muscles will be strengthened.
  • It will tone your upper body whilst at the same strengthening your back and abdominal muscles.

Plus, if you have not exercised for a while or dislike gyms, Nordic Walking is a sociable yet safe and effective way to exercise.