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With a large degree of uncertainty, I attended the first of six sessions of instruction in Nordic Walking last May. I was surprised to find that it was something that was very different from just walking and, after the initial weeks of tuition through woods, around lakes and across the occasional field, I began to participate in the social walks.  I have learned lots of new, subtle skills which I continue to try to perfect, but the value of Nordic Walking with Hazel has been to make me more aware of how my body works and to exploit the power of various muscles in achieving a more efficient, faster walk. Hazel is an excellent teacher and displays endless patience with the likes of me who has a stubborn resistance to using consistently the skills I’ve learned, such as taking the long strides that my legs are capable of or ‘planting’ the poles at the correct angle/distance etc. She is fully trained in first aid in the unlikely event that an accident should happen and all routes are risk-assessed before we tackle them.  Hazel has devised some beautiful walks for us in parts of Worcestershire, Warwickshire and Solihull and some of our number enthusiatically participated in the Nordic Walking Challenge in Slough last summer. We all take part as much or as little as we want to, but, when we do, we are able to enjoy beautiful scenery, the practice of a new skill, excellent tuition and care from our tutor and the superb company of the rest of the group. All this whilst improving our physical health and relaxing our minds. I do not hesitate to recommend it.

I had an introduction to Nordic Walking, and when I came across Hazels group through an advert, I immediately rang to join a taster course.
I loved it & found Hazel an excellent & caring teacher & I was able to progress on some points that had not been previously covered. Socially, it has been great to meet new faces from different local areas & has provided extra social activities as a group which has been a great bonus! Hazel has a gift for making the walks fun, but also making sure we work towards the correct posture of Nordic Walking & the great exercise & health benefits it brings. Definitely part of my exercise plan, thanks to Hazel.

Hazel provides excellent guided Nordic walks. She has always checked the route thoroughly and knows exactly what lies ahead giving walkers the opportunity to relax and enjoy the views.


"Our Nordic walking sessions are good fun. Hazel is always encouraging and I come away from them feeling a sense of achievement. My Nordic walking techniques have improved considerably over the weeks because of Hazel’s attention to detail and enthusiasm “

I always loved walking but I wanted to find a full body workout so I was excited when I found a Nordic Walking course organised by Coventry City Council. Hazel was a great, supportive teacher and once I completed the course I was hooked. So much so, I have already upgraded my walking poles and there is even photographic evidence that I have endured the wind and mud on social walks and that I have completed a British Nordic Walking challenge. Highly recommended for exercise in a friendly, social environment.
SE 2.2.16

In May 2015, I completed a 6 week Nordic Walking beginners class with Hazel. I didn’t know what to expect, I was very apprehensive and afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it.  Hazel soon made everyone in the group feel comfortable and at ease, and our learning of the 10 steps of the Nordic Walking technique began. I loved it from the start and haven’t looked back. It truly is a full body workout and getting that extra boost from the poles makes such a difference. Hazel makes all the classes varied, she is always pushing us that little bit further with new ideas and vigorous challenges, Improving our technique to get the best results and includes various exercises using the poles. Hazel is an excellent Teacher. Our weekly evening classes have continued all year, it is a wonderful experience to wonder through the woods on a winters evening with our head torches, the rustling of the leaves under our feet and the clear skies with the stars and moon shining brightly. Hazel also organizes weekend social walks out in our beautiful countryside, country parks, canals and various historic places of interest. These vary in length but will always finish with a café or a pub for a most rewarding drink. These I would recommend to anyone. Hazel is so motivated and passionate about her love for Nordic Walking and her enthusiasm is just overwhelming. For me, Nordic Walking has changed my life, I have lots more energy, my fitness has increased and the health benefits are amazing. I also have a much more positive attitude and outlook to life. I have made a new group of lovely friends and I hate it if I miss a week or one of the social walks.
Hazel, I just want to say Thank You so much for introducing me to Nordic Walking.